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MUTE protects your privacy by avoiding direct connections with your sharing partners in the network. Most other file sharing programs use direct connections to download or upload, making your identity available to spies from the RIAA and other unscrupulous organizations.

Ants display collectively intelligent behavior when foraging for food or fighting off predators. Each ant in the colony acts in a rather simple way, but together they end up doing something clever, like discovering the shortest path between their ant hill and a food source. MUTE's routing mechanism is inspired by ant behavior.

MUTE is based on research, and experiments show that it works quite well. MUTE's ant-inspired routing is light-weight, robust, and adaptive. Results from experiments in real MUTE networks show that the collective behavior of MUTE nodes quickly finds the shortest (or fastest) routing path between two nodes on the network.

"The RIAA just started bullying Internet users, but they've been bullying musicians for decades. By refusing to pay for major label (RIAA) music, we can usher in a more fair music business and keep the Internet free (as in freedom)."
--Holmes Wilson
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Older MUTE News

June 6, 2006
MUTE File Sharing version 0.5 has been released. Major new fetures include multisource downloads, download queueing, and searching specific friends. Network scalability has been improved, and several security issues have been addressed. For a complete list of changes, see the change log.
A new release of the MUTE 0.4.1 source code has been posted (the UnixSource-2 package). This package removes an unnecessary on OpenGL and GLUT. You should try this new release if you ran into OpenGL-related errors when compiling 0.4.1 in the past.
A sha1 hash tool is now available for download. See the information on the main page.
MUTE needs your help. Only two web-based host caches are currently online and operating. If you have access to web space that supports PHP scripts, and you want to help keep the MUTE network up and running, please set up a MWebCache on your web server. Instructions have been posted. Update: We now have six host caches online. Thanks to all of you who helped by setting up new caches.
Attacks have recently been discovered that threaten the anonymity of MUTE searches when multiple neighbors are cooperating as attackers. A description of the attacks, along with proposed mechanisms to block the attacks, starts in section 10.1 of this document. Please send comments to me (Jason Rohrer) by email. UPDATE: these attacks have been dealt with as of version 0.4.1---everyone should upgrade.
Several updated language files for version 0.4 have been posted.
MUTE File Sharing version 0.4 has been released. There are several new language strings (for the various new features) that need to be translated. Translators should submit updates to me (Jason Rohrer) by email. New translators should see the translation instructions. The list of new translation strings is in the change log.
For those of you who are still clamoring for end-to-end encryption (and for those ANTs developers who think they can implement anonymous end-to-end encryption), I have posted a technical article about the end-to-end issue.
MUTE needs translators. Version 0.3-t makes translation relatively easy (see the instructions). We need both translators and translation checkers, so even if you cannot translate English to your language, you may still be able to help the project by testing MUTE in your native language and pointing out phrases that do not seem correct. Please send translations to me (Jason Rohrer) by email (you can also email me if you are interested in checking translations). You can also see the translations that have been submitted so far (or download languages here).
Slyck News has run a well-written article that compares MUTE with the new ANTs project. The article includes interesting analysis from an EFF lawyer and from a security expert. For those of you who are still wondering why I will never add end-to-end encryption to an anonymous system like MUTE, this article should answer some of your questions. The analysis should also be of interest to those who are wondering, "Can I get sued for routing a file for someone else?"

O'Reilly's ONLamp runs an interview with MUTE developer Jason Rohrer.

MUTE developer Jason Rohrer recently spoke at the 5th International Free Software Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil. More information (in Portuguese) is available at the Forum Website.

You can download slides [pdf][ps] and notes [pdf][ps] from the talk.
ABCNews.com runs a FutureTech story: Untraceable File Sharing Inspired by Ants.
Slashdot runs a story: MUTE: Simple, Private File Sharing.

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